Holiday Time – what else to do??

Here are some of the other things we got up to while we were on holidays.

We enjoyed breakky cooked on the BBQ, and Grandpa and Lachlan did a good job making sure the esky was kept stocked.

Thomas enjoyed going around to the swings. He made a new friend, and Boyd came along for a swing also.

Of course, there’s always the walk down to the shops, or in this case, the pub. A good hard walk up a hill means you’ve earned the beer when you get to the pub! 🙂

And while you’re enjoying the beer, admire the sunset at the pub.

Thomas got a new bike for Christmas, so he enjoyed having the occasional ride around the camp park.

We ate lunch out on some days. Here we are at the Moorings Restaurant (with bowls almost as big as the children 😀 )

Or the boys could have a ride on the carousel after doing a spot of shopping.

There’s also the enjoyment of watching what’s going past out the window.

The boys also enjoyed having a wrestle on the floor of the cabin. Don’t worry, Lachlan gave as good as he got. 🙂

We really enjoyed our holidays.

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