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Can I whack it???

The boys found a little praying mantis in the back yard today. Thomas quickly found his toy golf club to poke it with and, from his medical kit, a pair of surgical tweezers to use for inspecting it. Thomas was being very gentle looking at it and wanted to feed it a leaf.

Lachlan, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. He came up with his little cricket bat and asked,

Can I whack it???

A Baby (x2) Bump – 24 Weeks

Here are the 24 week photos:

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A Baby (x2) Bump – 23 Weeks

Here’s the 23 weeks photo:

Photo taken 19/9/08, 23 weeks pregnant.

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Library Storytime Party – Term 3

Luci and the boys had the last Storytime session at the Library for Term 3 today. They go every Friday, and with this one being the last one for the term, they were having a dress-up party. Thomas went as a skeleton, and Lachlan dressed up as a pirate.

A Baby (x2) Bump – 22 Weeks

Here’s the 22 weeks photo:

Photo taken 12/9/08, 22 weeks pregnant.

Plus a couple of others showing a top that Katie bought for Luci – she really likes it:

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Soccer Presentation – 2008

Thomas had his 2008 soccer presentation on today. It was meant to be after his last game of the year, but it was raining so was cancelled. So instead we went to McDonalds for the presentation. You can see here the trophy he received. I was a bit disappointed about the last game being cancelled because I was going to film some to show how he had improved since the beginning of the year. Oh well, there’ll be next year I guess.

A Baby (x2) Bump – 21 Weeks

Here’s the 21 weeks photo:

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The Circus comes to town

The circus has been in town, and we took the kids along tonight.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take photos inside the tent, but I think we saw all the usual things – performing lions, ponies, monkeys, clowns, trapeze artists and a slapstick routine.

We had ringside seats and, by coincidence, were sitting right next to one of Thomas’ pre-school friends, Clay. The kids thought it was amazing, with both really liking the lions and the clowns with their slapstick routine.

A Baby (x2) Bump – 20 Weeks

Here’s the 20 weeks photo:

Photo taken 29/8/08, 20 weeks pregnant

Others in the series:

Just like his Daddy

I snapped these photos earlier tonight, showing Lachlan, just like his Daddy.