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Some Soccer Referees

Recently I signed up to Facebook (and am still working it all out 😀 ) and I was looking at one of the groups – the Westside Panthers Soccer Club. Anyway I noticed they had a link to a video about a referee (Ref gets bashed). To my horror, it was the video of one of my mates getting beaten after penalising a player. It was upsetting also to see all the “lol’s” left in the comments – I didn’t find it all that funny.

Ref gets bashed.

Whilst on the YouTube page though, I did find some other funny video clips of soccer referees. Here’s one of a Referee trying to be helpful but ending up looking stupid, and the second one I have seen before – the Gay Ref.

Stupid Ref

Gay Ref


Whilst doing some random browsing, I came across the Extermiknit pattern. For those who are fans of the Dr. and the Daleks, this is pretty cool.

Get the pattern from here, or here.

Joy of Tech comics

I do enjoy reading The Joy of Tech comic, with one of the latest ones highlighting exactly how I feel sometimes. 😆

Here are two others which have also given me a chuckle lately. Why not check them out yourself?

Crazy Ping Pong Ball Man

Over at Random Thoughts ( I came across this video clip of a man who is either very gifted at Ping Pong, or has way too much time on his hands.

Apology Note Generator for men

I have had this saved on my computer for a while. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use it too much! 🙂

It’s Mark’s Apology Note Generator.

There is also a female version – the Bitch Letter Generator.

Washing Instructions

I came across this the other day (, which I found amusing.