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My Movember 2008 Effort

One of the blokes I work with thought we should take part in Movember – but he didn’t decide this ’till halfway through the month. So we last had a shave on Friday, 14th November, with a grand shave off on Wednesday, 3rd December. This was my effort….

On Friday, 28th November – 2 weeks of growth

The Shave Off Day, Wednesday, 3rd December…

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Last school day at Carinda

Well, today was the last day of teaching at Carinda. We held a Hawaiian Day, complete with shirts, lei and pizza!!

Here I am with Thomas and Lachlan before heading over to work.

And here I am serving up the pizza, while Libby helps Lachlan have a drink of juice (tropical of course 🙂 )

And the photo of everyone dressed up.

Community Christmas Tree

Santa came to the school for the Community Christmas Tree last night. Gran E, Grandpa and Katie came up also.

We took a platter for entree, which was when Lachlan discovered that he didn’t like stuffed olives! 😀

Santa arrived in the local fire truck, much to the excitement of the boys and girls who went running out to greet him.

Thomas stood on the edge of the driveway, not quite sure about all the fuss once he got up close.

That didn’t stop him from being excited about receiving a present though.

Lachlan also liked his present.

Of course, Santa did a mighty fine job.

Thomas and the Turtle

The school kids found a turtle in the sportsroom today. They caught it and Thomas had a pat, and managed to pose long enough to have a photo taken – he wasn’t too keen on staying too close to the turtle for too long! 🙂 He then came for a walk to the very back of the oval so that we could release the turtle.