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A Site Update

I have updated the WordPress engine to 2.7 today, whilst nursing the twins. Part of this upgrade also required upgrading my theme, Fresh, to 2.0.  I still need to fix up the sidebar, but everything else has been set up to display the way I like it.

EDIT (20/3/2009): Finally got the sidebar finished – things have been pretty busy around here with the twins. Also set up an Archives page using Samantha Halfon’s A WordPress Index Page Template. Thanks Samantha!!

I had to do a BigDump

My readers probably don’t want to, or even need to, know this, but tonight I had to do a BigDump. On the backend of course… This is how it happened…

I decided to move where this site was hosted. Part of that process required me to backup the database that runs the whole site – it has all the info about the posts I’ve written, the comments people have left, and the settings to make the frontend (what you guys see) look the way it does. So I backed up the database and ended up with a file 63 Mb in size!! I did think this was mighty large, compared to some of the other sites I’m running, but nevertheless continued.

I then informed the website host to make changed to the DNS to point to my new hosting account. I then set about importing the database into this new account. When I saw the message on PHPMyAdmin which said you could only import a database up to 51Mb in size I started to panic. I tried anyway, and of course failed. Thankfully, phpMyAdmin gave me a link to a help file for when “I cannot upload big dump files.” This led me to BigDump – a site with a php script available for download which allows a big dump file to be imported in segments. Just what I needed. I was a little nervous about running this script on my site, as I was trusting that the author of the script hadn’t written something which would totally destroy the whole site. I didn’t need to be nervous – it imported the file in a flash, and didn’t cause any other problems.

I also discovered the reason for the large database file – it had saved a tonne of info from some old plugins I had used, so some time in the future I will go and delete all that data that I no longer need.

vPIP Plugin

Tonight I installed the vPIP plugin so that I could start to include some video in my posts. I’ve just done a post using it, which seemed to work out well, apart from not being able to see how Thickbox works – it’s set in the Options page, and I couldn’t see anything for it in the Write Post page, but it doesn’t seem to appear on the published post. I’ll have to look into that one later.

Also of use was this little bookmarklet – Get YouTube video – which I came across thanks to Geeks are Sexy. This will now allow me to keep a local copy of the video – handy for those occasions when YouTube videos suddenly go missing, and also when I want to use a video at school as often these things are blocked.

Impress you with my statistics?

I downloaded and installed the plugin “Impress” from I’m Mike. This will show total words, posts, comments and other calculations. for now I have set it to display those statistics in the sidebar, but need to set up formatting, especially colour, properly. Thanks to Mike for the plugin.

A “Fresh” New Theme

At last, I have finally come across a theme for this site that I really like. I have tried lots of others, but none of them left me totally happy. But this one does. The colours are great and the layout is really easy to follow. I don’t think it will date or look tiresome after a while either.

The theme is called “Fresh” (version 1.2) and comes from ilemoned.

The only problem I’ve come across so far is with the footer section. For some reason, the right hand side which displays the Blogroll, it finishes with a zero a couple of lines later. At least one other person has found the same problem also, so I contacted them but have received no reply. 🙁

I guess I’ll have to try to make some sense of all that php code in the template? Unless someone out there can point me in the right direction?

My Original Web Site

I’ve ummed and ahhed about whether to publish this or not, so here goes.

This site and domain, is not my first attempt at having a website. The first attempt was a damn awful bit of work made during the later half of 2001. It was hosted on the free BigPond space that was provided with my dial-up internet account. It was probably a big failure – I worked on it for a couple of months, uploaded a few pages and photos, then decided it was all too much effort. Gee, six years has passed and it is much easier now to have a web presence.

Anyway, for posterity’s sake, you can gawk at the first web site now, but not too much laughing. 🙂

My Favicon

I got my favicon ( ), titled Framed Surroundings, from Leo’s Icon Archive (Home > Art > Framed Icons). The Icon, from a set called Framed Icons, was created by Tatsuya Arai, also known as Icon Museo. I then converted it to an animated icon ( ) at FavIcon from Pics.

post with comments

Nothing to look at here ——> just a post so I can test out the layout when comments are added.

Oh, and another thing

I forgot to say, please do give feedback on the new site. If you notice an error, please let me know so I can fix it – you no know (thanks, Luci) how I hate to make mistakes 🙂

I’m after any mistakes – spelling, links that don’t work, links that don’t open what they should open, etc.

Don’t worry, I won’t take offense.

Blogging at last

Well, hi there everyone and welcome to my new site, my new blog, and my new entry. 🙂

I’ve been doing some blogging with the kids at school this year, but hadn’t actually got around to doing one for myself. This wasn’t really good, as I should be setting an example, but other things always seemed to pop up. Anyway, I was also thinking that it would be a good way to let everyone know what the Gray family have been up to, share some photos, and keep a record of what we do. The new site,, will also allow me to pursue one of my favourite hobbies – that of fiddling.
Oh, by the way, I am expecting, and looking forward to reading, lots of comments to be made about my entries. I’ve got some interesting and cool looking things to do with the comments, but I’ll let you know about that later. 😛 Hope you enjoy my new site.
Cheers all,