I had to do a BigDump

My readers probably don’t want to, or even need to, know this, but tonight I had to do a BigDump. On the backend of course… This is how it happened…

I decided to move where this site was hosted. Part of that process required me to backup the database that runs the whole site – it has all the info about the posts I’ve written, the comments people have left, and the settings to make the frontend (what you guys see) look the way it does. So I backed up the database and ended up with a file 63 Mb in size!! I did think this was mighty large, compared to some of the other sites I’m running, but nevertheless continued.

I then informed the website host to make changed to the DNS to point to my new hosting account. I then set about importing the database into this new account. When I saw the message on PHPMyAdmin which said you could only import a database up to 51Mb in size I started to panic. I tried anyway, and of course failed. Thankfully, phpMyAdmin gave me a link to a help file for when “I cannot upload big dump files.” This led me to BigDump – a site with a php script available for download which allows a big dump file to be imported in segments. Just what I needed. I was a little nervous about running this script on my site, as I was trusting that the author of the script hadn’t written something which would totally destroy the whole site. I didn’t need to be nervous – it imported the file in a flash, and didn’t cause any other problems.

I also discovered the reason for the large database file – it had saved a tonne of info from some old plugins I had used, so some time in the future I will go and delete all that data that I no longer need.

Visiting Mum

Luci & Lachlan

The next day

Here are a few more photos – this time these photos are of the boys getting their first cuddles.

Ready or not…. here we come

Sorry to disappoint you all – tonight there are no 35 Week photos.

That’s because at 4:45am Luci woke me to tell me she thought her waters had broke. So while Luci packed a few items into a bag, I had a shave and shower to be fully ready for the big day.

I rang my mum and dad to see if mum could have the day off to look after the boys. I then rang Luci’s mum and dad to let them know what was happening and to ask if I could drop the boys of till my mum got into town and collected them.

After my shower I woke the boys and carried them to the car and headed to Gran E and Grampa’s. We raced towards the hospital – luckily there wasn’t much traffic on the road at this time (5:30ish) – I even ran a red light (after stopping to make sure it was safe first).

We dropped Thomas and Lachlan off at Gran E and Grampa’s and gave them a kiss goodbye. Thomas was a bit upset about Mummy having to go to hospital.

We then got to the hospital and Luci was admitted. The nurses started doing their thing and after what seemed like ages, called for the doctor (to be quick, quick, quick). The doctors and nurses weren’t able to find either heartbeats using the CTG monitor, so had to bring in a portable ultrasound machine to do yet another ultrasound. They then found the heartbeats and checked on the position of the babies, and informed Luci that she was already 5cm dilated and needed to get into theatre quickly.

Luci was wheeled off to the theatre (around 7:40am) and bid me a quick farewell, as she was going under a general anaesthetic and so I wasn’t allowed in (meant I didn’t have to come up with an excuse for not cutting the umbilical cords!! 🙂 ). The time I spent waiting here was long and agonising – I fought to hold back my tears 😥 as I worried if everyone was going to be alright.

Jack Anthony was born at 7:51am on 12th December, 2008, with Julia Grace following 3 minutes later at 7:54am on 12th December, 2008.

Shortly after 8:00am, I saw the two resus tables wheeled out of the theatre with my new little kids on it. Jack came through the door first, wheeled by Luci’s midwife Ivy, who told me Jack was doing fine and that Julia was following just behind. She also told me (prepared me??) that Julia was having a little difficulty with her breathing and so the nurses on that resus table (there were two nurses and one doctor with Julia – compared with only Ivy with Jack) were helping her to breathe.

I guess this moment was the first difficult moment of twin parenting I had (probably many more to come!!). Seeing Julia being supported by so many others made me think we were going to be heading off to Sydney as they had arrived early (to be exact, we were 35 weeks and 1 day), and especially with Julia needing help with breathing also. I also hesitated with who I should walk with – Jack or Julia??? A difficult decision, but in the end I decided to walk with Julia to find out what was going to happen and be with her just in case 🙁 . I then hovered around her in the Special Care Nursery until the nurses needed to do all their checking and tests – I then went and stood with Jack for a while.

Julia was left on the resus table as she wasn’t able to maintain her oxygen levels or temperature by herself. By 7:30pm though, she had been moved into an Isolette Cot. Jack was placed into an Isolette Cot early in the morning.

The boys came up at 7:30pm for their introductions. At around 11am I went to the Dubbo Library as Nanny had taken the boys to Library Storytime – I wanted to tell the boys the exciting news. Upon greeting them in the library, I tried to tell them that they had a new brother and sister – Thomas was more interested in knowing when Mummy was coming home, and Lachlan only wanted to show me the video games that were available for borrowing!! 😆

So here are the details – Born at 35 weeks and 1 day, full term was to be 15th January, 2009. (And I think I’ve got the conversions to imperial correct – if you know better than me, please let me know!!)


  • weighing 2000grams (4 pounds, 6.4 ounces)
  • 44cm long (17.32 inches)
  • Head Circumference of 31cm (12.20 inches)


  • weighing 1895grams (4 pounds, 2.9 ounces)
  • 43cm long (16.93 inches)
  • Head Circumference of 31cm (12.20 inches)

Enjoy the photos......

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Boys’ Bunk Beds

Things are gradually coming together. I picked up the boys’ bunk beds on Friday and then set them up today. Lachlan is moving into Thomas’ room to share. The boys are just getting into bed now for their first sleep in the new beds. Thomas is on top and Lachlan is down the bottom. Hope they don’t fall out!  😀

Now we can set up the bassinettes in Lachlan’s old room….

A Baby (x2) Bump – 34 Weeks

Here is the latest photo in the series – 34 Weeks.

Others in the series:

My Movember 2008 Effort

One of the blokes I work with thought we should take part in Movember – but he didn’t decide this ’till halfway through the month. So we last had a shave on Friday, 14th November, with a grand shave off on Wednesday, 3rd December. This was my effort….

On Friday, 28th November – 2 weeks of growth

The Shave Off Day, Wednesday, 3rd December…

2008 Pre-School Christmas Carols

Tonight Thomas had his Pre-School Christmas Carols night. It was really very nice – Luci made chicken and salad rolls, packed some softdrink and we sat around on the chairs and rug and had a lovely supper. Thomas had invited Nan, Pop, Gran E and Emilie to the carols – unfortunately Gran E was unable to make it, but Granpa did come over instead.

Thomas really enjoyed performing his songs – I’ll ask him to sing them so that I can record them and load them up here shortly.

Some photos follow….

Setting up the 2008 Christmas Tree

Today we dragged out the Christmas Tree and set it up.

Unlike last year, Lachlan wasn’t bothered so much by the feel of the tree – in fact he took great delight in tickling and trying to annoy us with each of the branches.  🙂

Thomas was great at hanging the decorations, though some of them he thought were too good to go on the tree, and so rushed off to his room to put them in there!!

Lachlan and Chopsticks

Tonight Thomas & Lachlan went to see Seussical with Gran E and Grampa. Afterwards they picked up some Thai food for dinner and I couldn’t resist snapping these couple of photos of Lachlan using the chopsticks. We’re pretty sure this is the first time he used them.