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Apple Store, Sydney opens

It looks impressive, don’t it?? I think I would have enjoyed going to the opening of the new Apple Store in Sydney. Located on George Street, apparently it has the biggest sheets of laminated glass in the world, biggest Apple Logo in the world, biggest Genius Bar in the world. It’s not the largest store in the world however, it does come close – it’s the second largest!! The glass is 15 metres high!! Pretty Amazing.

Martin Levins has some more pictures which are worth a look.

Next time I’m in Sydney, I’ve definitely got to call in and have a look, and try to keep my wallet in my pocket. 🙂

Photo: Apple Images

A new “D”

Somehow, the letter “D” fell off my laptop the other day (just out of warranty, of course!! 🙄  )

A call to Apple told me that I’d have to replace the entire keyboard, and pay the cost for that!!

Some searching on the net led me to PowerBook Medic, which supplied not only instructions for replacing individual keys, but also the ability to purchase just the key you need. I ordered, and the parts arrived a short while later.

I set about replacing the broken key. Good as new now.   🙂