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2008 Pre-School Christmas Carols

Tonight Thomas had his Pre-School Christmas Carols night. It was really very nice – Luci made chicken and salad rolls, packed some softdrink and we sat around on the chairs and rug and had a lovely supper. Thomas had invited Nan, Pop, Gran E and Emilie to the carols – unfortunately Gran E was unable to make it, but Granpa did come over instead.

Thomas really enjoyed performing his songs – I’ll ask him to sing them so that I can record them and load them up here shortly.

Some photos follow….

Setting up the 2008 Christmas Tree

Today we dragged out the Christmas Tree and set it up.

Unlike last year, Lachlan wasn’t bothered so much by the feel of the tree – in fact he took great delight in tickling and trying to annoy us with each of the branches.  🙂

Thomas was great at hanging the decorations, though some of them he thought were too good to go on the tree, and so rushed off to his room to put them in there!!

It’s Christmas Day

It’s so exciting – Christmas Day 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Lachlan started the day off nice and early, and enjoyed waking Thomas up 🙂

Thomas, still looking a bit sleepy, went and checked the table to see if Santa and his reindeers had been.

The lemonade had been drunk (Thomas was adamant that Santa would want a lemonade, despite my best efforts at encouraging him to leave a beer out 🙂 ), the fruit cake eaten, and the reindeers had eaten most of the carrot. Satisfied, we went to check out the Christmas Tree.

Santa most definitely had been – there were some presents here now that weren’t here last night.

Then we set about opening them. What fun!!!

And Lachlan looks on also, curious to see what everyone else was getting…

Then, a little while later we went outside so the boys could have their first ride.

But, that wasn’t the end. Then we went to Luci’s Nan’s church for morning service, around to Luci’s Nan’s place for some breakfast and more present giving. Then off to Luci’s Grandma’s, then around to Wendy & Peter’s for lunch. Back to Lyn & Tony’s for a short nap, before the Christmas Night Party. We were very tired.

Community Christmas Tree

Santa came to the school for the Community Christmas Tree last night. Gran E, Grandpa and Katie came up also.

We took a platter for entree, which was when Lachlan discovered that he didn’t like stuffed olives! 😀

Santa arrived in the local fire truck, much to the excitement of the boys and girls who went running out to greet him.

Thomas stood on the edge of the driveway, not quite sure about all the fuss once he got up close.

That didn’t stop him from being excited about receiving a present though.

Lachlan also liked his present.

Of course, Santa did a mighty fine job.