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Moving from Carinda

The time has arrived to move from Carinda. The truck has arrived, and although it looked to small to me, they were actually able to get most of the stuff into the container, and just a couple of things in the space in front of the container (like the dirty BBQ and some outside chairs). Lucky though, that I had Dad’s trailer with me, cause I did have to put a few things in there.

Here’s Lachlan catching up on some TV (note it’s the original TV Luci and I had when we first got together – it sat inside the great big gap for a decent size TV of our entertainment unit for a few years!! Note also that it’s resting on the boys’ plastic playdough table, which hasn’t yet been packed 🙂 )

There’s also the almost fully packed truck, and then a photo of Luci at the new house, reading up on how to use the new fan-dangled oven.

Farewell Carinda School Residence…..

Lachlan loves Luci’s princess crown

Lachlan takes a liking to Luci’s (pretend) princess crown.

Thomas’ Photography

Thomas really enjoys using our digital camera to take some happy snaps. Some turn out not too bad! He took these photos of me listening to my iPod and Luci sitting on the dining room floor.

Holiday Time – what else to do??

Here are some of the other things we got up to while we were on holidays.

We enjoyed breakky cooked on the BBQ, and Grandpa and Lachlan did a good job making sure the esky was kept stocked.

Thomas enjoyed going around to the swings. He made a new friend, and Boyd came along for a swing also.

Of course, there’s always the walk down to the shops, or in this case, the pub. A good hard walk up a hill means you’ve earned the beer when you get to the pub! 🙂

And while you’re enjoying the beer, admire the sunset at the pub.

Thomas got a new bike for Christmas, so he enjoyed having the occasional ride around the camp park.

We ate lunch out on some days. Here we are at the Moorings Restaurant (with bowls almost as big as the children 😀 )

Or the boys could have a ride on the carousel after doing a spot of shopping.

There’s also the enjoyment of watching what’s going past out the window.

The boys also enjoyed having a wrestle on the floor of the cabin. Don’t worry, Lachlan gave as good as he got. 🙂

We really enjoyed our holidays.

Holiday Time – a spot of fishing

We did enjoy a spot of fishing whilst on holidays at Harrington. We weren’t hugely successful, but had a good time anyway.

Holiday Time @ the Beach

We had lots of fun at the beach (Northside Crowdy Head Beach). This was the first time the boys had ever been to the beach (and it had been a while for Luci and I too 🙂 ). These photos were taken over two days.

Hope you like them….

After a morning swim, it was nice to get back to the cabin and have some morning tea. The boys enjoyed a cake on this morning.

Then after morning tea, we’d need a bath (in the bottom of the shower 😀 ) to get rid of all that sand.

Sometimes though, the swim was just too tiring for some of us (I am awake under those sunglasses, by the way 🙂 ). Lachlan had a little snooze on me while Luci got the bath ready.

After the bath, we popped him in the cot, and a short while later this is what he looked like.

Holiday Time

Ahhhh, time to head off to holidays. We’re heading to Harrington. But first we stop off at Newcastle for a rest.

A Weekend in Sydney

So last weekend we headed to Sydney – the occasion being Katelyn’s christening, with Luci & I given the honour to be her Godparents.

We travelled to Dubbo on Thursday afternoon, so that we could head off to Sydney on Friday morning. We arrived at Leumeah, quickly unpacked the car, then went to the supermarket to get some bottled water, milk, alcohol, etc. We then went back to the motel and got ready for dinner.

We had dinner downstairs at The Hermitage Restaurant. Like the name suggests, it was quite fancy, well, a bit more than the Golfie anyway. 😀 We ordered our drinks and meals and relaxed after spending the day in the car. Thomas ordered a pizza and chips from the Kids Menu. At $14 bucks a pop, we were thinking it would be something special. I realised that we have been severely undercharging at the school canteen – it was the same as what we served up, except on a lovely white plate:

Here are some other photos of the night:

The next morning, Luci & Thomas went to the markets with the Tureks. After a couple of hours there, they rushed back to the motel and quickly packed to go to Katie’s place. Katie had been busy planning a picnic for the park. It was lovely. We met Julie, Jazzy and Hannah at the park. Lisa also came along. We had lovely food, some nice wine and the kids played nicely on the equipment.

On Saturday night we went to Mick’s folks place for dinner – and had Dumplings – nothing to be worried about there.

On Sunday morning, we followed Mick & Sarah to the restaurant to drop off the cakes, saw their old house then headed out to the church. The ceremony was held at St Mary’s Towers, in Douglas Park. The reception was held at Olives Restaurant, Camden. Both were very lovely settings. Here are some photos of the day:

The boys were eager for a bath when we got back to the motel later that night.

And then we had the trip home on Monday.

Grandparents Day @ Playgroup

The Carinda Playgroup put on a Grandparents Day today. Gran E took the day off work to drive out to Carinda (all by herself!) First the kids did some craft – they made a clown face out of paper plates, paint, paper and glitter.

Then we had some morning tea. Lachlan enjoyed his patty cake.


Then the kids performed some songs – one of them being Rock-a-bye Your Bear. Here, Thomas sings with all his might.