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Thomas’ First Soccer Game

Thomas had his first soccer game today.

We think he might have been a bit over-awed by it all – with all the extra players, and not to mention all those spectators and mums and dads watching along the sideline.

He got a bit upset by it all and came over just before half time to “have a rest”. The second half had him having a bit more of a go.

Thanks to Nanny, Poppy, Gran E and Grampa for coming along to watch the first game.

Watch some short snippets of footage from his first game (10Mb):

Thomas’ First Soccer Training Session

We signed Thomas up for Soccer this year – he’s playing for South Dubbo Wanderers in the “Fury” team. Today was his first training session, which he seemed to enjoy. Mind you, the shorts seem big, the socks seem big, and boy oh boy, the shirt was big too. 😆

Lachlan sat in his pram and watched, eating his afternoon tea, while Thomas trained, then at the end (last photo) he had a run around with Thomas also. I do like the second photo, where Thomas is checking out his new boots. 🙂