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Ben 10 Live

For our Holiday Trip we took Thomas and Lachlan to Ben 10 Live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Thanks to Katie & Greg for babysitting Jack & Julia while we were at the concert, and for letting us squash into their apartment. 🙂

As we walked into the Entertainment Centre, a photo stand was set up, and the boys were able to get a photo.

I’ll ask the boys to leave a comment to tell you what they thought of the show.

Ben10 Theme Song.

The next day

Here are a few more photos – this time these photos are of the boys getting their first cuddles.

Boys’ Bunk Beds

Things are gradually coming together. I picked up the boys’ bunk beds on Friday and then set them up today. Lachlan is moving into Thomas’ room to share. The boys are just getting into bed now for their first sleep in the new beds. Thomas is on top and Lachlan is down the bottom. Hope they don’t fall out!  😀

Now we can set up the bassinettes in Lachlan’s old room….

2008 Pre-School Christmas Carols

Tonight Thomas had his Pre-School Christmas Carols night. It was really very nice – Luci made chicken and salad rolls, packed some softdrink and we sat around on the chairs and rug and had a lovely supper. Thomas had invited Nan, Pop, Gran E and Emilie to the carols – unfortunately Gran E was unable to make it, but Granpa did come over instead.

Thomas really enjoyed performing his songs – I’ll ask him to sing them so that I can record them and load them up here shortly.

Some photos follow….

Setting up the 2008 Christmas Tree

Today we dragged out the Christmas Tree and set it up.

Unlike last year, Lachlan wasn’t bothered so much by the feel of the tree – in fact he took great delight in tickling and trying to annoy us with each of the branches.  🙂

Thomas was great at hanging the decorations, though some of them he thought were too good to go on the tree, and so rushed off to his room to put them in there!!

Buzz Lightyear – to the rescue

I came home this afternoon and was having a little snooze on the lounge. The kids thought it was funny to get their Buzz Lightyear blanket and dress me up – then they had to have a go too.

A Trip to Katie & Greg’s House

We went to Katie & Greg’s house for the long weekend. It was to be a relaxing weekend for Luci and a car hunting one for me. 🙂

I can report that the weekend was successful – Luci had a relaxing weekend and I found a car. Also, the boys got to see Katie & Greg’s Sydney house and their “secret garden”, we went to the Sydney Aquarium (and found Thomas St along the way – much to Thomas’ delight!!), went out for lunches and dinners, played the Nintendo Wii, watched Wall-E at the movies. Oh, and I got to go to the Apple Store.  🙂

We had a great few days with Katie & Greg. Hope you enjoy the photos, don’t forget you can click on them to see them at a larger size in a fancy lightbox window.

Oh, and here’s some photos of the new Tarago – I’ll take some nicer ones later on for you all to see.

Can I whack it???

The boys found a little praying mantis in the back yard today. Thomas quickly found his toy golf club to poke it with and, from his medical kit, a pair of surgical tweezers to use for inspecting it. Thomas was being very gentle looking at it and wanted to feed it a leaf.

Lachlan, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. He came up with his little cricket bat and asked,

Can I whack it???

Library Storytime Party – Term 3

Luci and the boys had the last Storytime session at the Library for Term 3 today. They go every Friday, and with this one being the last one for the term, they were having a dress-up party. Thomas went as a skeleton, and Lachlan dressed up as a pirate.

Soccer Presentation – 2008

Thomas had his 2008 soccer presentation on today. It was meant to be after his last game of the year, but it was raining so was cancelled. So instead we went to McDonalds for the presentation. You can see here the trophy he received. I was a bit disappointed about the last game being cancelled because I was going to film some to show how he had improved since the beginning of the year. Oh well, there’ll be next year I guess.