Lachlan’s 1st Birthday

Well, I can say the last year has really gone quick – I don’t know what’s happened to it.

On the 21st October, we trotted on down to Dubbo for a little party with the Everett/Clarke families for Lachlan. We had a lovely afternoon and lots of fun.

Then yesterday was Lachlan’s actual birthday. We woke in the morning, still trying to adjust to Daylight Savings Time, to a very smiley boy. Lachlan opened his card and presents, with a little help from Thomas :-), in our bedroom. He got some books from Mum & Dad, The Wiggles action figures from Thomas, and a Little People Circus Play Set from all of us. I think he liked them.

At recess time, Luci, Thomas and Lachlan came over to school with a yummy cake, and some little froggy patty cakes. We all sang Happy Birthday, cut the cake and had a slice. It was nice.

We had Butter Chicken for dinner, cause Lachlan likes it, then another little froggy patty cake with a candle.

This weekend, my mum & dad, and Robbie & Liz are coming up to Carinda for a party also.

I’ve set up a Flickr account to upload photos onto, cause it looks like a great service (and will save some of my bandwidth account usage – not that I’m a cheapskate or anything :-)).

Here’s some photos you might like to have a bo-peep at – the first four were taken when we went to Dubbo for the Everett/Clarke party (21/10/2006), while the other eight are from his actual Birthday (30/10/2006):

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