A Weekend in Sydney

So last weekend we headed to Sydney – the occasion being Katelyn’s christening, with Luci & I given the honour to be her Godparents.

We travelled to Dubbo on Thursday afternoon, so that we could head off to Sydney on Friday morning. We arrived at Leumeah, quickly unpacked the car, then went to the supermarket to get some bottled water, milk, alcohol, etc. We then went back to the motel and got ready for dinner.

We had dinner downstairs at The Hermitage Restaurant. Like the name suggests, it was quite fancy, well, a bit more than the Golfie anyway. 😀 We ordered our drinks and meals and relaxed after spending the day in the car. Thomas ordered a pizza and chips from the Kids Menu. At $14 bucks a pop, we were thinking it would be something special. I realised that we have been severely undercharging at the school canteen – it was the same as what we served up, except on a lovely white plate:

Here are some other photos of the night:

The next morning, Luci & Thomas went to the markets with the Tureks. After a couple of hours there, they rushed back to the motel and quickly packed to go to Katie’s place. Katie had been busy planning a picnic for the park. It was lovely. We met Julie, Jazzy and Hannah at the park. Lisa also came along. We had lovely food, some nice wine and the kids played nicely on the equipment.

On Saturday night we went to Mick’s folks place for dinner – and had Dumplings – nothing to be worried about there.

On Sunday morning, we followed Mick & Sarah to the restaurant to drop off the cakes, saw their old house then headed out to the church. The ceremony was held at St Mary’s Towers, in Douglas Park. The reception was held at Olives Restaurant, Camden. Both were very lovely settings. Here are some photos of the day:

The boys were eager for a bath when we got back to the motel later that night.

And then we had the trip home on Monday.

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