Holiday Time @ the Beach

We had lots of fun at the beach (Northside Crowdy Head Beach). This was the first time the boys had ever been to the beach (and it had been a while for Luci and I too 🙂 ). These photos were taken over two days.

Hope you like them….

After a morning swim, it was nice to get back to the cabin and have some morning tea. The boys enjoyed a cake on this morning.

Then after morning tea, we’d need a bath (in the bottom of the shower 😀 ) to get rid of all that sand.

Sometimes though, the swim was just too tiring for some of us (I am awake under those sunglasses, by the way 🙂 ). Lachlan had a little snooze on me while Luci got the bath ready.

After the bath, we popped him in the cot, and a short while later this is what he looked like.

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