Can’t Wait For Everything

This afternoon when Luci arrived home, her Mum relayed this funny story…

Lyn takes Thomas and Lachlan shopping with her every Thursday. They usually go and visit Luci’s Grandma (who they call Granma Max) at a nursing home called John Whittle House. They went again today and as they walked up the hall toward my grandmother’s room my Mum warned Thomas about the death of my grandmother’s roommate – it happened over the weekend. She said, “Now you know that Grace has gone to Heaven and so she doesn’t share the room with Granma Max anymore.” Thomas replied in his usual matter-of-fact way, “Well, I wish she had waited to die until I got here because I would’ve liked to watch and see what happened so that I know what happens for when I die.”

Luci was speechless but when she told me the story I thought it was hilarious!!

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