19 Week Ultrasound

Luci & I went to the next lot of ultrasounds for the twins this morning. Luci took the day off school to attend, while I took a couple of hours. At first, the Hospital weren’t going to do the ultrasound as their receptionist hadn’t written down that it was a twin ultrasound, which obviously takes longer to do than a singleton, and the rest of their day was fully booked up!! A few words were exchanged and the ultrasound started.

All is going well, Twin A and Twin B are coming along nicely. We were excited to discover the sex of the twins – Twin A is a boy and Twin B is a girl.

Thomas had wanted two girls, while Lachlan wanted two boys. Thomas’ comment when we told him was that

he could look after the girl while Lachlan looked after the boy.

Lachlan however, said

That’s no good. I wanted twins – twin babies.

We will continue to work through this understanding with Lachlan!!

A couple of photos of each bub are below – a side on shot and a “skeleton face” as Thomas puts it. During the ultrasound it was nice to see Twin A do a big yawn – the ultrasound was taking a long time after all – it took an hour and a half all up.

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