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Mowing the lawns

I was out mowing the lawns, and the boys decided they’d like to help…..

Moving from Carinda

The time has arrived to move from Carinda. The truck has arrived, and although it looked to small to me, they were actually able to get most of the stuff into the container, and just a couple of things in the space in front of the container (like the dirty BBQ and some outside chairs). Lucky though, that I had Dad’s trailer with me, cause I did have to put a few things in there.

Here’s Lachlan catching up on some TV (note it’s the original TV Luci and I had when we first got together – it sat inside the great big gap for a decent size TV of our entertainment unit for a few years!! Note also that it’s resting on the boys’ plastic playdough table, which hasn’t yet been packed šŸ™‚ )

There’s also the almost fully packed truck, and then a photo of Luci at the new house, reading up on how to use the new fan-dangled oven.

Farewell Carinda School Residence…..

Keeping Cool

Here I am filling up the water cooler for Lachlan’s room (again šŸ™„ ) We put at least three of these 9 litre buckets of water in the cooler a day (usually four), in a vain attempt to try and keep cool. Geez, I’ll be glad when I don’t have to do this again. šŸ˜€

Bath Time Fun

The boys do like having their bath – and also enjoy getting ready to have a bath – especially rough Lachlan who likes to give Thomas a quick wrestle before getting all cleaned.

Thomas & Lachlan having a wrestle

Thomas & Lachlan play well together most of the time (let’s hope that continues!! šŸ˜› ) These photos were taken just as they started a wrestle.

Thomas’ Photography

Thomas really enjoys using our digital camera to take some happy snaps. Some turn out not too bad! He took these photos of me listening to my iPod and Luci sitting on the dining room floor.

Lachlan in the wars

Lachlan has started walking around (and falling down šŸ™‚ ) All part of growing up I guess!

Super Thomas

Thomas is going through a phase of liking super heroes (especially the Incredibles). As such, whenever he gets the chance, he likes to put his undies on on the outside so he can be a super hero. Here, Thomas went to the toilet, took his undies and shorts off, did his business, then put his shorts and undies back on and came running out of the toilet as a super hero.

The view from the front lawn

So there have been some cows being moved along the stock route in front of our house. This is what it looks like.

With these cows being out the front – it has taught Lachlan how to say “moo”ƂĀ  :-OƂĀ  He now wakes up after his sleep, points to his front verandah window and asks to see the moo. šŸ˜€

In the photo above, Thomas has dropped one of his toys through the fence. We told him to go and get it – he was a bit worried about whether the cows would come and get him.

Needless to say, they didn’t take much notice.

Yard Work @ Carinda

Better tidy up the lawns, but wouldn’t you know it – the whipper snipper needs filling up. Luci catches me in the act. Lucky you can’t hear me singing along with my iPod – some people tell me it doesn’t sound good šŸ˜³