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Husband & Wife Communication

Came across this comic the other day – I do sympathise with the man – once I get immersed in the ‘net, it can be difficult to communicate with me.

Back in Style…

Another great Joy of Tech comic….

Wonderful Remote

Now, where do we order these from??? They’d be quite handy I’d imagine….

Fat or Small???

Another great comic from the Joy of Tech

Nothing like resting on the lounge

I came across this via Digg, and really, there is nothing like resting on the lounge with a beer and strumming the guitar, now, is there??

Image Source: Flickr

You have to say it loud

Luci was telling me that she was sitting on the lounge with the boys today, when Lachlan let out a little quiet fart. Luci leaned over and told him to say “Pardon Me.”

Lachlan said “Pardon Me” very quietly.

At this point Thomas chimes in, rather loudly, to tell Lachlan, “No Lachlan, you have to say it loud enough so your bum hears!!

Joy of Tech comics

I do enjoy reading The Joy of Tech comic, with one of the latest ones highlighting exactly how I feel sometimes. 😆

Here are two others which have also given me a chuckle lately. Why not check them out yourself?

Washing Instructions

I came across this the other day (, which I found amusing.