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Upgrade to Firefox 3

Firefox 3 has been released and I’ve upgraded – I must say that it seems to be much quicker than Firefox 2, and I do like the integration with my MacBook Pro – now it looks like it does belong there!  🙂

I have made some changes to the default settings though:

  1. Installed Stylish extension – this is great!!! Then installed these styles:
  2. Style – Google Web Search (dark grey design)
  3. Style – Google Image Search (dark grey design)
  4. Style – Favicon on Bookmarks Toolbar for Mac
  5. Style – Remove the Throbber Button
  6. Style – Combine Stop/Reload Buttons
  7. Style – Gmail Redesigned
  8. Set Gmail to launch for mailto links
  9. Installed Bookmarks Toolbar Extension
  10. Installed PicLens
  11. Set the Search Bar to give results in a new tab, rather than the current one.

Anyway, a great browser, so why not get it and try something new???

Apple Store, Sydney opens

It looks impressive, don’t it?? I think I would have enjoyed going to the opening of the new Apple Store in Sydney. Located on George Street, apparently it has the biggest sheets of laminated glass in the world, biggest Apple Logo in the world, biggest Genius Bar in the world. It’s not the largest store in the world however, it does come close – it’s the second largest!! The glass is 15 metres high!! Pretty Amazing.

Martin Levins has some more pictures which are worth a look.

Next time I’m in Sydney, I’ve definitely got to call in and have a look, and try to keep my wallet in my pocket. 🙂

Photo: Apple Images

More Desktop Art

Following on from the last post, here’s some Desktop Art using Homer and his Spider-Pig.

Fancy Desktops

Now my desktop (both real and virtual) are often quite untidy, although not quite this bad.

Photo Credit:

So the people who are able to get their desktops looking like these are amazing.

Photo Credit:

OSX Leopard Guided Tour

OSX Leopard was released last Friday. Some of the features look really good. Take a look at the tour to see more.

A new “D”

Somehow, the letter “D” fell off my laptop the other day (just out of warranty, of course!! 🙄  )

A call to Apple told me that I’d have to replace the entire keyboard, and pay the cost for that!!

Some searching on the net led me to PowerBook Medic, which supplied not only instructions for replacing individual keys, but also the ability to purchase just the key you need. I ordered, and the parts arrived a short while later.

I set about replacing the broken key. Good as new now.   🙂