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2008 Pre-School Christmas Carols

Tonight Thomas had his Pre-School Christmas Carols night. It was really very nice – Luci made chicken and salad rolls, packed some softdrink and we sat around on the chairs and rug and had a lovely supper. Thomas had invited Nan, Pop, Gran E and Emilie to the carols – unfortunately Gran E was unable to make it, but Granpa did come over instead.

Thomas really enjoyed performing his songs – I’ll ask him to sing them so that I can record them and load them up here shortly.

Some photos follow….

So, do you want a beer?

Thomas had Special Persons Day at pre-school, with Poppy Gray being the Special Person invited. Poppy Gray was telling me what happened:

Thomas was showing me around, and he took me into one of the cubby houses which was set up as a Police Station. Thomas started to tell me how if the alarm starts to go off, we have to quickly rush out to the emergency. Then Thomas took me to the next cubby house, which was set up like a lounge/dining room – tables and chairs, etc. Thomas sits down on one of the chairs and says to me, “So Poppy, do you want a beer?”

Of course, Poppy then had to look around and make sure no one had heard what Thomas had said… people would be thinking we were alcoholics or something!!

Thomas’ Pre-School Tea Towels

We collected Thomas’ Pre-School Tea Towels today. These were done as a fundraiser for the pre-school, with each child drawing a picture of themselves. When I asked Thomas what was on his head, he said:

It’s a helmet, in case it rains!

By way of comparison, here’s the picture Thomas drew of himself for the 2007 tea towel.

Thomas’ Easter Hat Parade 2008

Thomas had his Easter Hat Parade at Pre-school today. He made the hat at pre-school. Luci was able to go along to watch him.

Thomas’ Birthday @ Pre-school

As Thomas is in the Echidna Class at pre-school, he wanted an echidna cake to take in to school. Luci did a pretty good job with it too.

And here he is blowing out the candles.

Easter Parade at Pre-School

Well, Thomas seems to have settled into Pre-School well enough. Today was only his second day at pre-school, and these photos of the Easter Hat Parade and Assembly show him looking happier and more confident than he did one week ago when I wrote about his first day!!

Thomas’ REAL first day at Pre-School

You might remember that back on the 12/2/07 I wrote about what was meant to be Thomas’ first day at Pre-School, but due to rain and impassable roads it never eventuated (although it did get some good photos of a muddy carΒ  πŸ˜†Β  ).

Well, today it actually happened. As soon as we got down here we enrolled Thomas into West Dubbo Pre-School and today was his first day. He was quite nervous, as is quite clear in the photos. He is only attending for half-days at the moment, so Luci dropped him off at 9:00 and picked him up at 12:00pm.

The first photo is at Geurie, before leaving. The second is in the car park of the pre-school, and the other two are at the front of the pre-school.

These other photos were taken on Friday afternoon.

Thomas’ first day at Pre-School

You might remember last year we went to Coonamble Pre-school for Thomas’ orientation day. If you don’t you can read about it here.

Today, was meant to be Thomas’ first real day at pre-school. It had been raining last night, so Luci wasn’t so sure about going. I said that we should just wait to see how much rain we actually get before we get bothered and make decisions. We had to keep remembering that this would be Thomas’ first day at pre-school by himself, and we had talked it up so much.

We got up the next morning and I checked the rain gauge – we’d had 10ml. Luci didn’t want to drive, so I offered to take him (I really didn’t want Thomas to miss out). So we got ready, took a happy snap of Thomas and loaded up into the car.

So I set out on the road – it was muddy!! I got about 10km through the dirt road – it was slow going (I was only doing 40km/h) – and it began raining on us. At this point I told myself I had to start being sensible, and unfortunately Thomas would just have to miss out on his first day πŸ™

I did a u-turn, almost got bogged in the table drain. Thomas got a bit worried at this point as the front tyre started throwing mud up all over the front of the car. I eventually got us out of the table drain and back up to the top, middle part of the road. I then began explaining to Thomas that we wouldn’t be able to go to pre-school, because the road was too wet. When we finally got back to the tar road, he asked me if we were on the road to pre-school now, and could we go because we wouldn’t get stuck on this road. He was quite sad. πŸ™ We found out later it was probably for the best that I didn’t keep trying to get through, as one part of the road had received 25ml of rain on it!!!

The photos below don’t show clearly enough just how muddy it was, and some of the mud has been washed away, but anyway:

So we returned to school, told Luci she didn’t have to work for me now, and took a photo of them feeling sad that they missed out on their first day at pre-school.

We’ll have to try again another day!

Pre-School Orientation for Thomas

Today, Thomas had his pre-school orientation visit. We all drove to Coonamble and he spent the morning checking out the place, having some morning tea with the other kids and playing with some of the equipment. Here he is, just before we walked through the gate. Next year when he goes, he will attend for half a day a week.

We are also considering enrolling him in the Distance Education pre-school, and one of the activities he had to do was draw a picture of his family, record himself talking about the picture and his family (this wasn’t a success), then send it off to the Distance Education Centre. This is what he came up with:

That is: Mummy (top left), Daddy (top right), Lachlan (bottom left), himself (bottom middle), and, of course, the car (bottom right)!!