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I had to do a BigDump

My readers probably don’t want to, or even need to, know this, but tonight I had to do a BigDump. On the backend of course… This is how it happened…

I decided to move where this site was hosted. Part of that process required me to backup the database that runs the whole site – it has all the info about the posts I’ve written, the comments people have left, and the settings to make the frontend (what you guys see) look the way it does. So I backed up the database and ended up with a file 63 Mb in size!! I did think this was mighty large, compared to some of the other sites I’m running, but nevertheless continued.

I then informed the website host to make changed to the DNS to point to my new hosting account. I then set about importing the database into this new account. When I saw the message on PHPMyAdmin which said you could only import a database up to 51Mb in size I started to panic. I tried anyway, and of course failed. Thankfully, phpMyAdmin gave me a link to a help file for when “I cannot upload big dump files.” This led me to BigDump – a site with a php script available for download which allows a big dump file to be imported in segments. Just what I needed. I was a little nervous about running this script on my site, as I was trusting that the author of the script hadn’t written something which would totally destroy the whole site. I didn’t need to be nervous – it imported the file in a flash, and didn’t cause any other problems.

I also discovered the reason for the large database file – it had saved a tonne of info from some old plugins I had used, so some time in the future I will go and delete all that data that I no longer need.