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Lachlan Turns 3

Lachlan turned 3 on Thursday, and we had a little afternoon tea party on Saturday, with some of the relatives popping in. It turned out that Igglepiggle was a big hit, with lots of people getting Igglepiggle-related presents.

Thanks to everyone for the cards, presents and phone calls. Lachlan did enjoy his days.

Thomas’ 5th Birthday

Today was Thomas’ 5th Birthday – it’s hard to believe.

He got up in the morning and opened his presents from Lachlan and Mum and Dad. Lachlan gave him Thomas some books, a Toy Story puzzle, and a Connect 4 game. Mum & Dad gave him a new, bigger bike.

Katie & Greg gave him a Hungry Hungry Hippos game, which proved to be a hit with both Thomas and Lachlan!!

In the afternoon, we had the family over for afternoon tea and birthday cake.

And Lachlan, couldn’t resist giving a cheesy smile at the end of the day.

Thomas’ 5th Birthday Party

P1000748.JPGWe held Thomas’ 5th Birthday Party today. It was actually his first real birthday party – you know – with his own friends. Thomas wanted to have a spooky theme, so Luci created an invitation for Thomas to give to five of his friends from pre-school. Thomas decided to invite Clay, Jesse, Riley, Katie and Sorelle. Unfortunately, Clay had his cousin’s birthday party on the same day as Thomas’ party, so wasn’t able to make it.

We got up in the morning and set about decorating the house and table and getting out the food:

Did you like those cakes with snakes crawling out of them? What about the Ghost Biscuits?

Luci set up some games for the kids to play:

  • Ghost, Ghost, Witch (like Duck, Duck, Goose)
  • Eyeball & Spoon race (like egg & spoon race – Luci found some rubber eyeballs from the $2 shop)
  • Pass the Revolting Parcel (complete with some scary prizes)
  • Pin the Eyes on the Ghost
  • Swampy Sludge dig (Luci hid some coins in a revolting green mixture of porridge)

Then we had the cake – a spooky bat cave.

Thomas did enjoy his party. Here’s what he had to say afterwards.

Lachlan’s 2nd Birthday Party

We held Lachlan’s 2nd birthday party today, following his actual birthday during the week. We had lots of the relatives over, as well as Judith (the babysitter). Luci did a fabulous job making a “Punchy” cake – “Punchy” is what Lachlan calls Mr Incredible, from The Incredibles. Lachlan even pretends to be “Punchy” by wearing hisblack “licorice” mask!!  😀