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Chickity China, the Chinese Chicken

I came across this parody of the Barenaked Ladies song, One Week over at College Humour. It brought a smile to my face.

Check it out….

Wonderful Remote

Now, where do we order these from??? They’d be quite handy I’d imagine….

Fat or Small???

Another great comic from the Joy of Tech

Womb for Two

(Please forgive the corny title – Luci suggested it!!)

Luci is pregnant and had her first ultrasound today to determine dates and health. I thought someone had slipped the radiographer $100 to play a practical joke on us – I was barely in the room, getting Thomas and Lachlan into place and shutting the door, when the lady says, “Is this your first scan for this pregnancy?” Luci answers, “Yes” and the lady replies with, “There’s two babies here!!”

My first thought was that she was joking, but a look at the computer screen revealed she wasn’t.

We were both shocked (and probably still are!!) but are gradually becoming accustomed to the idea. Of course, we have some little worries also, as apparently there can be greater chance of complication with twins, and we all know Luci’s history.

Twin A and Twin B (this is how the doctors refer to them) are due for delivery on 16 January 2009, but again, with Thomas being 5 weeks early and Lachlan being 4 weeks early, we’re guessing it’ll be much sooner than 2009.

Yellow Pages Ad

I liked this ad for Yellow Pages (3.6Mb):

Source: YouTube