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Can I whack it???

The boys found a little praying mantis in the back yard today. Thomas quickly found his toy golf club to poke it with and, from his medical kit, a pair of surgical tweezers to use for inspecting it. Thomas was being very gentle looking at it and wanted to feed it a leaf.

Lachlan, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. He came up with his little cricket bat and asked,

Can I whack it???

Library Storytime Party – Term 3

Luci and the boys had the last Storytime session at the Library for Term 3 today. They go every Friday, and with this one being the last one for the term, they were having a dress-up party. Thomas went as a skeleton, and Lachlan dressed up as a pirate.

Just like his Daddy

I snapped these photos earlier tonight, showing Lachlan, just like his Daddy.

2008 Rooball Carnival

Thomas had his first Rooball Carnival on today. Thomas played 4 games today, each game having 10 minute halves. He went really well for the first couple of games, but by the fourth game you could tell that not only he, but the rest of his team also, were lacking in concentration. 😆

His first game was against South Dubbo Wanderers Power, his next game was against Orana Spurs, then Narromine Tigers and lastly Westside Red.

It was a very cold day (as it always is for the Rooball Carnival, apparently), but Luci helped keep us warm by packing the big jackets, beanies and some warm milo.

Lachlan enjoyed the day, swapping his Woody toy for Hamish’s Buzzy toy (even though he has his own Buzzy at home!!) and even joining in for a kick of the ball against the big kids during one of the breaks!!

Thomas was very proud of his trophy, and quickly cleared off some space on his dresser to display it.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Gmail Accounts for all

After reading about how Google asked for stories about how people are using Gmail, I watched the video below (included) and got inspired! 🙂

I immediately set up a Google account and Gmail address for both Thomas and Lachlan.

I, too, will give them the password when they’re older to enjoy reading what our thoughts were about them throughout the years.

If you’d like to take part in this little project, contact me and I’ll give you their email address so you can participate.

You have to say it loud

Luci was telling me that she was sitting on the lounge with the boys today, when Lachlan let out a little quiet fart. Luci leaned over and told him to say “Pardon Me.”

Lachlan said “Pardon Me” very quietly.

At this point Thomas chimes in, rather loudly, to tell Lachlan, “No Lachlan, you have to say it loud enough so your bum hears!!

Playing on the computer

Luci caught the boys playing nicely on the computer together. They do look cute, don’t they? I like their ingenuity also, with the selection of their chair. 😀

PS – They’ve been known to do this before.

Luci and the Slime

Luci tells me:

Outside we mixed together one box of (out of date) cornflour with some water and then the boys picked red food colouring to mix in.
After mixing it all together we got some kitchen utensils to play with our slime. Thomas and Lachlan called it “Icky wicky goo”! They had such a good time sharing and mushing! The photos are actually of when we just finished and about to wash off in a bucket of warm water. Lachlan is washing Spiderman clean first!

I think I was glad I wasn’t there to see all the mess.

Thomas’ First Soccer Training Session

We signed Thomas up for Soccer this year – he’s playing for South Dubbo Wanderers in the “Fury” team. Today was his first training session, which he seemed to enjoy. Mind you, the shorts seem big, the socks seem big, and boy oh boy, the shirt was big too. 😆

Lachlan sat in his pram and watched, eating his afternoon tea, while Thomas trained, then at the end (last photo) he had a run around with Thomas also. I do like the second photo, where Thomas is checking out his new boots. 🙂

Mowing the lawns

I was out mowing the lawns, and the boys decided they’d like to help…..