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Wiggles Photo in the Daily Liberal

 I walked into school this morning, to be greeted by a colleague saying to me, “Nice Photo, Paul.”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, and obviously the look on my face said as much. She said, “Well you obviously haven’t seen today’s paper (The Daily Liberal) – there’s a lovely photo of you and your family at the Wiggles concert on Friday.”

I rang the Daily Liberal to try to get a digital version of the photo – but alas, “there’s no profit in us providing those sir, so we only sell print outs of the photo you are after.”

I ordered, and scanned.

The Wiggles come to Dubbo

The Wiggles came to Dubbo today for two shows only. When the announcement was first made and tickets first went on sale, I rushed down to get ours.

The boys enjoyed the show, although they were a little struck by awe, seeing the Wiggles in real life!!!

Hope you enjoy the photos – I apologise now for the quality of some of these (a little blurry), sorry. 😥

Top Wiggles Photo, courtesy kochrecords @ Flickr.

The 2007 Santa Photo

Here is the Annual Santa Photo for 2007.

Lachlan and the iPod

Lachlan does love his music, and there’s nothing better than stealing one of my “speakers” to listen to my iPod.

Lachlan’s 2nd Birthday Party

We held Lachlan’s 2nd birthday party today, following his actual birthday during the week. We had lots of the relatives over, as well as Judith (the babysitter). Luci did a fabulous job making a “Punchy” cake – “Punchy” is what Lachlan calls Mr Incredible, from The Incredibles. Lachlan even pretends to be “Punchy” by wearing hisblack “licorice” mask!!  😀

Lachlan turns 2

Lachlan’s birthday today. Here are a couple of photos. Stay tuned for the birthday party photos, still to come.

A Trip to the Zoo

We went to the Western Plains Zoo today with our friends, the Tureks.

Computer Time

The boys enjoy having a little play on the computer – although Thomas does most of the controlling!! These two snaps were taken without them realising.

Which DVD to get??

Lachlan looks at the Toy Catalogue, trying to decide which DVD he’d like, I guess??

Bubble Hats

Here the boys are enjoying creating some bubble hats.