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Buzz Lightyear – to the rescue

I came home this afternoon and was having a little snooze on the lounge. The kids thought it was funny to get their Buzz Lightyear blanket and dress me up – then they had to have a go too.

Mowing the lawns

I was out mowing the lawns, and the boys decided they’d like to help…..

Wiggles Photo in the Daily Liberal

 I walked into school this morning, to be greeted by a colleague saying to me, “Nice Photo, Paul.”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, and obviously the look on my face said as much. She said, “Well you obviously haven’t seen today’s paper (The Daily Liberal) – there’s a lovely photo of you and your family at the Wiggles concert on Friday.”

I rang the Daily Liberal to try to get a digital version of the photo – but alas, “there’s no profit in us providing those sir, so we only sell print outs of the photo you are after.”

I ordered, and scanned.

Lachlan and the iPod

Lachlan does love his music, and there’s nothing better than stealing one of my “speakers” to listen to my iPod.

A Trip to the Zoo

We went to the Western Plains Zoo today with our friends, the Tureks.

2007 Bathurst Races

Dad, Robbie and I travelled to Bathurst for the V8 Supercars Bathurst Races. I enjoyed seeing and hearing the cars up close. We spent most of the time at Sanyo (Hell) Corner and saw some good action from there. We also spent a bit of time on the inside and outside of Mountain Straight, and a little time at BigPond (Murray’s Corner).

A trip to Sydney

Luci and I made a quick weekend visit to Katie & Greg.

After a day’s work…

I like to get home and cuddle up with the kids. They’re having a banana while they sit on my lap.

Working away on the computer

Here I am….

Zoo visit

We went to the zoo today with Gran E and Grandpa.