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Visitors at the new house

We had our friends from Carinda, the Tureks come and visit. The first couple of photos are of the kids dressed up ready for the day, then a photo of me reading a bedtime story to the kids at night. The last photo is of Thomas and Zach in the ballpit at Kidzoo – we took the kids there while Mick & Sarah went and did a bit of shopping.

Thomas’ REAL first day at Pre-School

You might remember that back on the 12/2/07 I wrote about what was meant to be Thomas’ first day at Pre-School, but due to rain and impassable roads it never eventuated (although it did get some good photos of a muddy carΒ  πŸ˜†Β  ).

Well, today it actually happened. As soon as we got down here we enrolled Thomas into West Dubbo Pre-School and today was his first day. He was quite nervous, as is quite clear in the photos. He is only attending for half-days at the moment, so Luci dropped him off at 9:00 and picked him up at 12:00pm.

The first photo is at Geurie, before leaving. The second is in the car park of the pre-school, and the other two are at the front of the pre-school.

These other photos were taken on Friday afternoon.

Last school day at Carinda

Well, today was the last day of teaching at Carinda. We held a Hawaiian Day, complete with shirts, lei and pizza!!

Here I am with Thomas and Lachlan before heading over to work.

And here I am serving up the pizza, while Libby helps Lachlan have a drink of juice (tropical of course πŸ™‚ )

And the photo of everyone dressed up.

Keeping Cool

Here I am filling up the water cooler for Lachlan’s room (again πŸ™„ ) We put at least three of these 9 litre buckets of water in the cooler a day (usually four), in a vain attempt to try and keep cool. Geez, I’ll be glad when I don’t have to do this again. πŸ˜€

Thomas’ Photography

Thomas really enjoys using our digital camera to take some happy snaps. Some turn out not too bad! He took these photos of me listening to my iPod and Luci sitting on the dining room floor.

The view from the front lawn

So there have been some cows being moved along the stock route in front of our house. This is what it looks like.

With these cows being out the front – it has taught Lachlan how to say “moo”  :-O  He now wakes up after his sleep, points to his front verandah window and asks to see the moo. πŸ˜€

In the photo above, Thomas has dropped one of his toys through the fence. We told him to go and get it – he was a bit worried about whether the cows would come and get him.

Needless to say, they didn’t take much notice.

Yard Work @ Carinda

Better tidy up the lawns, but wouldn’t you know it – the whipper snipper needs filling up. Luci catches me in the act. Lucky you can’t hear me singing along with my iPod – some people tell me it doesn’t sound good 😳

Thomas’ Swimming Lessons

Thomas participated in swimming lessons again this year. This year he was in the Frog class. He had nine lessons. He did well and enjoyed the lessons.

And of major importance, the lollipop that comes with the certificate at the end of the lessons.

Holiday Time – what else to do??

Here are some of the other things we got up to while we were on holidays.

We enjoyed breakky cooked on the BBQ, and Grandpa and Lachlan did a good job making sure the esky was kept stocked.

Thomas enjoyed going around to the swings. He made a new friend, and Boyd came along for a swing also.

Of course, there’s always the walk down to the shops, or in this case, the pub. A good hard walk up a hill means you’ve earned the beer when you get to the pub! πŸ™‚

And while you’re enjoying the beer, admire the sunset at the pub.

Thomas got a new bike for Christmas, so he enjoyed having the occasional ride around the camp park.

We ate lunch out on some days. Here we are at the Moorings Restaurant (with bowls almost as big as the children πŸ˜€ )

Or the boys could have a ride on the carousel after doing a spot of shopping.

There’s also the enjoyment of watching what’s going past out the window.

The boys also enjoyed having a wrestle on the floor of the cabin. Don’t worry, Lachlan gave as good as he got. πŸ™‚

We really enjoyed our holidays.

Holiday Time – a spot of fishing

We did enjoy a spot of fishing whilst on holidays at Harrington. We weren’t hugely successful, but had a good time anyway.