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Soccer Presentation – 2008

Thomas had his 2008 soccer presentation on today. It was meant to be after his last game of the year, but it was raining so was cancelled. So instead we went to McDonalds for the presentation. You can see here the trophy he received. I was a bit disappointed about the last game being cancelled because I was going to film some to show how he had improved since the beginning of the year. Oh well, there’ll be next year I guess.

Great Soccer Skills

I was surprised today when one of my colleagues asked if it was my Thomas Gray in the paper today. I quickly rushed to the paper and read the following:

2008 Rooball Carnival

Thomas had his first Rooball Carnival on today. Thomas played 4 games today, each game having 10 minute halves. He went really well for the first couple of games, but by the fourth game you could tell that not only he, but the rest of his team also, were lacking in concentration. 😆

His first game was against South Dubbo Wanderers Power, his next game was against Orana Spurs, then Narromine Tigers and lastly Westside Red.

It was a very cold day (as it always is for the Rooball Carnival, apparently), but Luci helped keep us warm by packing the big jackets, beanies and some warm milo.

Lachlan enjoyed the day, swapping his Woody toy for Hamish’s Buzzy toy (even though he has his own Buzzy at home!!) and even joining in for a kick of the ball against the big kids during one of the breaks!!

Thomas was very proud of his trophy, and quickly cleared off some space on his dresser to display it.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thomas’ First Soccer Game

Thomas had his first soccer game today.

We think he might have been a bit over-awed by it all – with all the extra players, and not to mention all those spectators and mums and dads watching along the sideline.

He got a bit upset by it all and came over just before half time to “have a rest”. The second half had him having a bit more of a go.

Thanks to Nanny, Poppy, Gran E and Grampa for coming along to watch the first game.

Watch some short snippets of footage from his first game (10Mb):

Thomas’ First Soccer Training Session

We signed Thomas up for Soccer this year – he’s playing for South Dubbo Wanderers in the “Fury” team. Today was his first training session, which he seemed to enjoy. Mind you, the shorts seem big, the socks seem big, and boy oh boy, the shirt was big too. 😆

Lachlan sat in his pram and watched, eating his afternoon tea, while Thomas trained, then at the end (last photo) he had a run around with Thomas also. I do like the second photo, where Thomas is checking out his new boots. 🙂

Some Soccer Referees

Recently I signed up to Facebook (and am still working it all out 😀 ) and I was looking at one of the groups – the Westside Panthers Soccer Club. Anyway I noticed they had a link to a video about a referee (Ref gets bashed). To my horror, it was the video of one of my mates getting beaten after penalising a player. It was upsetting also to see all the “lol’s” left in the comments – I didn’t find it all that funny.

Ref gets bashed.

Whilst on the YouTube page though, I did find some other funny video clips of soccer referees. Here’s one of a Referee trying to be helpful but ending up looking stupid, and the second one I have seen before – the Gay Ref.

Stupid Ref

Gay Ref