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A “Fresh” New Theme

At last, I have finally come across a theme for this site that I really like. I have tried lots of others, but none of them left me totally happy. But this one does. The colours are great and the layout is really easy to follow. I don’t think it will date or look tiresome after a while either.

The theme is called “Fresh” (version 1.2) and comes from ilemoned.

The only problem I’ve come across so far is with the footer section. For some reason, the right hand side which displays the Blogroll, it finishes with a zero a couple of lines later. At least one other person has found the same problem also, so I contacted them but have received no reply. 🙁

I guess I’ll have to try to make some sense of all that php code in the template? Unless someone out there can point me in the right direction?