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Playing on the computer

Luci caught the boys playing nicely on the computer together. They do look cute, don’t they? I like their ingenuity also, with the selection of their chair. 😀

PS – They’ve been known to do this before.

Thomas’ First Soccer Game

Thomas had his first soccer game today.

We think he might have been a bit over-awed by it all – with all the extra players, and not to mention all those spectators and mums and dads watching along the sideline.

He got a bit upset by it all and came over just before half time to “have a rest”. The second half had him having a bit more of a go.

Thanks to Nanny, Poppy, Gran E and Grampa for coming along to watch the first game.

Watch some short snippets of footage from his first game (10Mb):

Luci and the Slime

Luci tells me:

Outside we mixed together one box of (out of date) cornflour with some water and then the boys picked red food colouring to mix in.
After mixing it all together we got some kitchen utensils to play with our slime. Thomas and Lachlan called it “Icky wicky goo”! They had such a good time sharing and mushing! The photos are actually of when we just finished and about to wash off in a bucket of warm water. Lachlan is washing Spiderman clean first!

I think I was glad I wasn’t there to see all the mess.

Thomas’ First Soccer Training Session

We signed Thomas up for Soccer this year – he’s playing for South Dubbo Wanderers in the “Fury” team. Today was his first training session, which he seemed to enjoy. Mind you, the shorts seem big, the socks seem big, and boy oh boy, the shirt was big too. 😆

Lachlan sat in his pram and watched, eating his afternoon tea, while Thomas trained, then at the end (last photo) he had a run around with Thomas also. I do like the second photo, where Thomas is checking out his new boots. 🙂

Mowing the lawns

I was out mowing the lawns, and the boys decided they’d like to help…..

Thomas’ Easter Hat Parade 2008

Thomas had his Easter Hat Parade at Pre-school today. He made the hat at pre-school. Luci was able to go along to watch him.

Wiggles Photo in the Daily Liberal

 I walked into school this morning, to be greeted by a colleague saying to me, “Nice Photo, Paul.”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, and obviously the look on my face said as much. She said, “Well you obviously haven’t seen today’s paper (The Daily Liberal) – there’s a lovely photo of you and your family at the Wiggles concert on Friday.”

I rang the Daily Liberal to try to get a digital version of the photo – but alas, “there’s no profit in us providing those sir, so we only sell print outs of the photo you are after.”

I ordered, and scanned.

Thomas is practising his name

On Monday afternoon’s Gran E picks up Thomas from pre-school, and takes him back to the Garage for an hour or so. By that time, either Luci or I have finished our meetings at school and can pick him up. Today, I picked him up and the picture below is the “work” he had been doing – he had written his name all by himself, without copying from something.

Yes, I’m very proud!! 😀

The Wiggles come to Dubbo

The Wiggles came to Dubbo today for two shows only. When the announcement was first made and tickets first went on sale, I rushed down to get ours.

The boys enjoyed the show, although they were a little struck by awe, seeing the Wiggles in real life!!!

Hope you enjoy the photos – I apologise now for the quality of some of these (a little blurry), sorry. 😥

Top Wiggles Photo, courtesy kochrecords @ Flickr.

The 2007 Santa Photo

Here is the Annual Santa Photo for 2007.