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A Baby (x2) Bump – 27 Weeks

Here is the latest photo in the series – 27 Weeks.

Photo taken 17/10/08, 27 weeks pregnant.

We have had ultrasound scans and doctor visits this week – and discovered that Twin A (the boy) weighed 1016 grams on Monday, whilst Twin B (the girl) weighs 798 grams. Our girl is a little bit small, but that could be explained by things such as all the data is based on single births, girls are generally smaller, the girl might not have been fertilised till sometime after the boy was fertilised etc. The doctors are going to keep monitoring, with fortnightly scans to track her growth.

Luci says:

Hi Everyone

Well I am now 27 weeks and am still feeling well. No real complaints thus far!! I am of course growing larger by the day but I’m sure this is a good thing! I am eating non stop and drinking more milk than I ever have before! I am still sleeping well (which I thought would not last this long!) The babies seem to nuzzle into some internal abyss which is fine with me!

As the arrival time draws closer (hopefully 9 weeks +) I am starting to feel a little nervous about things we may need to still get and about the new dynamics of the Gray family! I am still at work for 4 more weeks which takes my mind off things a bit! This week was my first week back after 2 weeks holidays so it was quite tiring!

We are looking forward to the twins arrival but don’t want them to arrive too early. Thomas and Lachlan are really enjoying feeling the babies kicking and moving around and they always have lots of questions about what’s going to happen! It is lovely to see their smiling faces when they feel their brother or sister move around when they hear their big brothers!

Hopefully I am still feeling this good next time I blog.


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A Baby (x2) Bump – 26 Weeks

OK, so we missed last week’s photos as we were away, but here are the 26 Week photos.

We also went out to the movies tonight, so thought we’d include a photo of Luci looking radiant.

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A Baby (x2) Bump – 25 Weeks

Sorry all, we are away at the moment so there are no photos for tonight. Keep your eyes peeled for next Friday’s photos!  🙂

You might want to catch up on some of the earlier photos??

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A Baby (x2) Bump – 24 Weeks

Here are the 24 week photos:

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A Baby (x2) Bump – 23 Weeks

Here’s the 23 weeks photo:

Photo taken 19/9/08, 23 weeks pregnant.

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A Baby (x2) Bump – 22 Weeks

Here’s the 22 weeks photo:

Photo taken 12/9/08, 22 weeks pregnant.

Plus a couple of others showing a top that Katie bought for Luci – she really likes it:

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A Baby (x2) Bump – 21 Weeks

Here’s the 21 weeks photo:

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A Baby (x2) Bump – 20 Weeks

Here’s the 20 weeks photo:

Photo taken 29/8/08, 20 weeks pregnant

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19 Week Ultrasound

Luci & I went to the next lot of ultrasounds for the twins this morning. Luci took the day off school to attend, while I took a couple of hours. At first, the Hospital weren’t going to do the ultrasound as their receptionist hadn’t written down that it was a twin ultrasound, which obviously takes longer to do than a singleton, and the rest of their day was fully booked up!! A few words were exchanged and the ultrasound started.

All is going well, Twin A and Twin B are coming along nicely. We were excited to discover the sex of the twins – Twin A is a boy and Twin B is a girl.

Thomas had wanted two girls, while Lachlan wanted two boys. Thomas’ comment when we told him was that

he could look after the girl while Lachlan looked after the boy.

Lachlan however, said

That’s no good. I wanted twins – twin babies.

We will continue to work through this understanding with Lachlan!!

A couple of photos of each bub are below – a side on shot and a “skeleton face” as Thomas puts it. During the ultrasound it was nice to see Twin A do a big yawn – the ultrasound was taking a long time after all – it took an hour and a half all up.

A Baby (x2) Bump – 19 Weeks

Here’s the 19 weeks photo:

Photo taken 22/8/08, 19 weeks pregnant

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