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Upgrade to Firefox 3

Firefox 3 has been released and I’ve upgraded – I must say that it seems to be much quicker than Firefox 2, and I do like the integration with my MacBook Pro – now it looks like it does belong there!  🙂

I have made some changes to the default settings though:

  1. Installed Stylish extension – this is great!!! Then installed these styles:
  2. Style – Google Web Search (dark grey design)
  3. Style – Google Image Search (dark grey design)
  4. Style – Favicon on Bookmarks Toolbar for Mac
  5. Style – Remove the Throbber Button
  6. Style – Combine Stop/Reload Buttons
  7. Style – Gmail Redesigned
  8. Set Gmail to launch for mailto links
  9. Installed Del.icio.us Bookmarks Toolbar Extension
  10. Installed PicLens
  11. Set the Search Bar to give results in a new tab, rather than the current one.

Anyway, a great browser, so why not get it and try something new???