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vPIP Plugin

Tonight I installed the vPIP plugin so that I could start to include some video in my posts. I’ve just done a post using it, which seemed to work out well, apart from not being able to see how Thickbox works – it’s set in the Options page, and I couldn’t see anything for it in the Write Post page, but it doesn’t seem to appear on the published post. I’ll have to look into that one later.

Also of use was this little bookmarklet – Get YouTube video – which I came across thanks to Geeks are Sexy. This will now allow me to keep a local copy of the video – handy for those occasions when YouTube videos suddenly go missing, and also when I want to use a video at school as often these things are blocked.

Gmail Accounts for all

After reading about how Google asked for stories about how people are using Gmail, I watched the video below (included) and got inspired! 🙂

I immediately set up a Google account and Gmail address for both Thomas and Lachlan.

I, too, will give them the password when they’re older to enjoy reading what our thoughts were about them throughout the years.

If you’d like to take part in this little project, contact me and I’ll give you their email address so you can participate.

Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

And this one’s pretty good also, these hands must be very clever (14.5Mb).

Source: YouTube

Yellow Pages Ad

I liked this ad for Yellow Pages (3.6Mb):

Source: YouTube